Pool Rover Hybrid

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Pool Rover Hybrid

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The easiest, fastest and most efficient way to clean your flat-bottomed pool.




The easiest, fastest and most efficient way to clean your flat-bottomed pool.


You bought a swimming pool to have fun - not to give yourself more work. Maybe you find yourself spending time cleaning the pool instead of swimming and enjoying it.You bought a swimming pool to have fun—not to give yourself more work.


Maybe you find yourself spending time cleaning the pool instead of swimming and enjoying. Or maybe you bought one of those pool cleaners that work off your pool filtration system. Because your above-ground pool filtration system was only designed to filter your pool water and not to vacuum and clean your pool floor, you may have noticed that the filtration system doesn't do a very good job and requires constant cleaning. Besides, those bulky hoses get tangled; you've got to drag them out of storage, hook them up to the intake valve, and the cleaners tend to get stuck on the ladders, stairs, seams, drains and footprints. Get yourself a Pool Rover today and enjoy complete, effortless pool cleaning at the touch of a button!


The revolutionary Aquabot Pool Rover is the world's only jet propelled aboveground pool cleaner that provides you and your family with the fastest, most powerful and capable pool cleaning on the planet. With its own vacuum pump and reusable filter bag built-in you won't need to fumble with vacuum hoses or overwork your pool's filter pump. Simply plug "Pool Rover" in whenever your pool needs a quick thorough cleaning and press a button.


Operating on a mere 24v, Pool Rover's pump vacuums in an amazing 4,200 gallons of water per hour removing everything from large leaves and twigs to hair, dirt, sand, silt, and all of those other oddities life seems to throw in from marbles to bandages to bugs. Water, dirt and debris enter Pool Rover through two large off-centered vacuum ports to avoid clogging like other cleaners and reach dirt from the edges of the pool, where other cleaners miss.


Inside, Pool Rover features the largest capacity filter of any pool cleaner capable of filtering out even the most minute particulates such as algae and bacteria as small as two microns in size, yet easily rinses clean. As a point of reference know that a grain of table salt is about ninety microns in size and the naked eye cannot see particles smaller than approximately forty microns. The clean, microfiltered water is then directed outward, which like a JetSki, propels Pool Rover along gliding effortlessly on its oversized wheels over ripples, seams, main drains, in and out of foot prints and up slopes to clean both shallow and deep ends.

The filtered water exiting Pool Rover is thrust outward on an upward angle to maintain a downward pressure to keep Pool Rover on all four wheels. The upward water flow drives Pool Rover and the cool chemically rich water from below to mix with the warm, chemically depleted water above. This provides a more uniform chemical and temperature mix throughout. The result? Pool Rover provides your family with the healthiest filtration and since everything goes into Pool Rover - it doesn't go into your pool filter, which means less pool filter cleanings saving you a small fortune in water, chemicals and heat loss.


With each reverse movement from the wall Pool Rover's patented guidance axle automatically turns Pool Rover's direction in an arcing motion and then when moving forward again moves in a straight line. This systematic cleaning pattern enables complete cleaning of any pool configuration over 40' in length in as little as one hour or less. Pool Rover comes complete with Rover, filter bag, floating cable and power supply - all of which are fully ETL listed to UL Standards for the highest measures of safety and reliability - unlike other cleaners. Pool Rover features standard an auto-shut off two hour timer and adjustable cleaning cycle timer for true customization.


Altogether Pool Rover's self-sufficiency and leading capabilities extend your pool pump and filter life, while helping you and your family to enjoy yours more.

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Pool Rover Hybrid