About Aquatic Distributors Inc.

For over 20 years, our family has built our reputation one customer at a time. Folks know that no other company works as hard to keep prices low, keep quality high, and deliver the goods FAST!

The company was started in 1987 when we discovered that pool owners were tired of driving out to a pool supply store, paying way too much for basic products, and then having to load and unload their cars with chemicals and bulky, heavy items. When we told our neighbors that you could save them money and bring supplies right to their door, everyone was on board.

Before long, we rented a warehouse, ordered products in volume, and began saving customers even more money. In 1990, we began selling online with dozens of websites. The combination of low price and excellent service took hold, and Aquatic Distributors began supplying pools across the country.

Now the our family is shipping more discount pool supplies than ever–FASTER than ever–to one customer at a time!



We Accept All Major Credit and Debit Cards